Welcome to WunderMoosen!

September 1, 2020

It is with great sadness that we announce Mr. Moose has passed away. A more detailed celebration of his life can be found at the web site: tomclodfelter.com

After Tom's hemorrhagic stroke in 2006, updating and maintaining the WunderMoosen product line was becoming too difficult. So, we simply want you to have the fruits of his labor. And we still do. As our gift to you, we are making it available, for free. All you must do is smile while installing. Since the stroke in 2006, Tom couldn't have been happier and more alive. He actually was improving to an astonishing rate - to the point where he no longer needed a cane to walk. Software development was fading into the background as he was pursuing his ham radio license and had dreams of a helicopter rating. The picture above was taken recently.

Less than a year from the time this picture was taken, he was knocked out by two further strokes, back to back. That was a battle he did not survive.